Superior Technology for Superior Water Damage Services

Is your property devastated by a flood? When you call Superior for Water Damage and Restoration services, our goal is to reduce the severity of any water damage done to your home or commercial property in the most efficient way. This process of lessening the water’s impact is called water mitigation. To mitigate any excess or unnecessary water from your property, we use thermography with infrared technologies.

Thermography enables us to detect thermal energy or heat using electromagnetic radiation, similar to the common radio, ultraviolet, and x-ray radiation technologies. With infrared technology, we are able to find and display a thermal map of any leaks or water damage that has been done to your property. The structural makeup of your property can easily mask undetected leaks and water damage in your walls, ceilings, and floors that are unknowingly raising your utility bills and wasting water.  

Technologically Advanced Imagery

Infrared water damage inspection services produce instantaneous results to view. Like a camera, our equipment is small enough to fit in our hands; however, it constructs unmatched, advanced, high quality infrared images. Images taken with infrared technology do not need a good lighting environment either and are recorded digitally for later analysis of the radiometric images.

Recently, infrared technologies have been praised for their ability to detect and display the thermal maps of a person’s head. This discovery now provides the medical world with a screening function for various symptoms of diseases and ailments. Infrared technology has also been a major asset in locating victims of fire by firefighters and rescue teams. The infrared imaging allows the firefighters to see through the smoke and find disabled or trapped victims easily.

The wavelength of infrared energy is approximately an order of magnitude that is longer than that of visible light. Everything around us emits infrared radiation due to the object’s temperature. So the higher the temperature, the more motion and light is detected by infrared cameras. But infrared technologies do not detect temperatures; they detect radiation from thermal energy.  

Water Damage Inspection Advantages

There are many benefits of infrared technology and instances where it can be used. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

- Reduced unscheduled power outages,
- Problems detected quickly,
- Priorities assessed easily for corrective actions, and 
- Preventative troubleshooting and maintenance time.

Among an extensive list of instances when infrared technology can be used, infrared technology:

- Detects leaks beneath the surface in buildings, plants, and facilities,
- Identifies water damage rapidly and accurately, 
- Scans the exterior of the property for damage that could possibly occur, and
- Plans precise budgets based on facts.  

If your home or commercial property has been damaged by unexpected water, contact a Superior representative today to learn how our infrared technologies can save your investment from disaster.  

Superior Cleaning & Coit Cleaning and Restoration in Woodinville, WA holds a Construction Contractor, General license (SUPERI 973KR).

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