What to Do About Wet Contents

When your home has experienced flooding, your primary concerns are likely to be:

1. Getting the water out
2. Preventing structural damage 
3. Preventing mold growth

Once these concerns have been addressed, your thoughts will likely move on to your home’s furniture and other possessions.  Will you be able to save your new sofa?  What about all your clothing?  Nobody wants to replace all of their stuff or live with mold, musty possessions.  And if you let a company pack out all of your things, how can you be sure you will get everything back in good condition?  We’ll walk you through the steps of drying and cleaning your household’s wet contents, from packing them out to cleaning and bringing everything back to your dry, clean home.

Step One: Packing Wet/Contaminated Items Out

First, we’ll identify what needs to be removed, cleaned in place, or what may be non-salvageable.  Then, we’ll carefully inventory every single item that needs to be removed from the home or business for cleaning and drying.  Items will be carefully packed up for transportation to our drying facility.  Common items that we take for cleaning include clothing, dishes, electronics, area rugs, books, documents, and soft furnishings.

Step Two: Cleaning

Generally, items that have been contaminated by flooding need to be cleaned before the drying process can begin.  Cleaning removes any mold or contaminants from ground water, floodwater, or sewage. Superior Restoration has extensive cleaning and drying equipment to deal with all sorts for contamination.  For televisions, computers, and other electronics, we use specialized electronics cleaning stations including electronics drying chambers to clean, dry, and decontaminate home electronics. For items made of hard, non-absorbent materials like dishes, jewelry, metals, and plastics, we often use ultrasonic cleaning.  Ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency sound waves to remove all traces of contamination.  For soft furnishings like drapes, area rugs, pillows, cushions, bedding, towels, and clothing, we have a variety of cleaning solutions and washing facilities to clean, decontaminate, and dry each specific type of item and fabric.

Step Three: Bringing Items Back to the Home or Business

Now that your home and belongings have been dried out, cleaned, and returned to pre-loss condition, we can put them back together.  We carefully pack all of your items to ensure that they are safe during transport.  You’ll have a copy of the original pack out inventory so you can be sure you get everything back.  We’ll happily place each item in its correct room.

While flooding is never pleasant, it is often possible to save the majority or your furnishings and possessions if you act quickly.  An experienced water damage restoration company will not only be able to dry and preserve your home, but also the interior furnishing and personal possessions.

Superior Cleaning & Coit Cleaning and Restoration in Woodinville, WA holds a Construction Contractor, General license (SUPERI 973KR).

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