Superior Cleaning's Superior Certifications

Since 1938, Superior Cleaning & Restoration, a COIT Services Company, has been cleaning and restoring Seattle area properties affected by untimely disasters.Anything that has been dirtied or damaged by smoke, soot, fire, water, sewage, odor, mold, and biohazards, we can fix! Superior has superior restoration knowledge as well as cleaning experience with draperies, upholstery, air ducts, and carpets among an extensive list of other services. We have the expedited ability to thoroughly clean any and all of your valuables and personal property.

Our services remain unmatched in the industry.As experts in the restoration business, Superior Cleaning & Restoration recently received Fireline and RedStar Certifications.

Raising The Bar

With a wide selection of speciality equipment at our disposal, we recently upgraded to the Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning System.This system was designed by Ultrasonics International, and is a content restoration assembly line that is a proven workhorse.The Fireline system has raised the bar for the restoration industry, accelerating and enhancing the restoration process.This cleaning system restores damaged or dirtied valuables to their pre- disaster state with efficiency. It does this using a combination of power, cleaning chemicals, water temperature, and specifically-adjusted frequencies.

With the Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning System, we can safely and effectively clean metal, tools, delicates, kitchen appliances, ornaments, lamp shares, jewelry, crystal ware, and more.The system removes all contaminants including dust, dirt, grease, blood, oil, sewage, mold, fingerprints, rust, and more. It can even remove the contaminants embedded deep on hard surfaces.

RedStar Contractors

Every Superior Cleaning & Restoration contractor is individually RedStar certified. Each technician undergoes RedStar course modules, written examinations, and skills testing demonstrations to ensure quality, consistency, a fast service turnaround time, high customer satisfaction, and job transparency.

Superior personnel follow a “best practices” service program that ensures high quality contents restoration and recovery, cost control, and an accurate valuation of restorable and non-restorable items. RedStar contractors are unwavering in delivering services, surpassing customer expectations every time.

As RedStar members, we understand the operations of the Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning System.We work in a safe and practical manner, and understand the needs and requirements of our customers. Our fire damage restoration services include, but are not limited to: dry cleaning of clothes, ozone treatment for odors, structural cleaning, area rug and furniture cleaning, and a final cleaning per regular services. Our water damage restoration services include: emergency response removal, structural drying, drying of carpets and upholstery, and mold remediation.

All of our services are non-destructive to your property. However, there may be items that are unable to be restored while other items will change in appearance.These alterations are due to the intensity, exposure, or deterioration caused by the disaster. In the case the item cannot be restored by us, we'll guide you in the right direction to have it cleaned or replaced. If needed, we can also suggest knowledgeable and experienced contractors for structural, paint, and flooring repair.

Contact Superior Cleaning & Restoration today for more information about Fireline, RedStar Certification, and the outstanding cleaning and restoration services we can offer you.

Superior Cleaning & Coit Cleaning and Restoration in Woodinville, WA holds a Construction Contractor, General license (SUPERI 973KR).

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